Upcoming Meetings

  • Date
  • May 24, 2021
  • June 28,2021

KSU faculty, staff, and students are invited to attend and/or participate in Staff Senate general meetings. In-Person Staff Senate meetings are streamed live via KSUTV.

Who is my Staff Senate Representative?

About Staff Senate

Staff Senate is a representational organization for staff, and it serves as an advising, recommending, and consulting body that addresses policies, issues, and concerns of KSU staff members. Staff Senate provides equitable and accountable representation in a transparent environment.

Purpose of Staff Senate

The purpose of KSU Staff Senate is to advance the mission of the university as a whole and to promote and foster the welfare of employees through the combined creativity of staff representation for all departments and colleges. 

The KSU Staff Senate serves as an advisory board in nature and a group of representatives for all staff at Kennesaw State University, all campuses inclusive. 

Staff Senate is charged with the following:

  • represent staff on matters brought before the University Council Governance Body
  • facilitate and promote communication among staff
  • strive to improve the general welfare of staff
  • provide opportunities to increase campus-wide staff involvement in shared governance
  • maintain active membership and participation with University System of Georgia Staff Council