Star Staff of the Semester

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Nominate a KSU colleague as Star Staff of the Semester!

The KSU Star Staff of the Semester award recognizes employees who have gone above and beyond in their professional, community and collegial engagement at KSU.  It is awarded 3 times per year, once each semester.

  • Award Semester
    Recepient Announced
  • Fall Semester
    July 1 - November 30
    December Meeting
  • Spring Semester
    December 1 - March 31
    April Meeting
  • Summer Semester
    April 1 - June 30
    July Meeting

To be eligible for the KSU Star Staff of the Semester, the recipient must be a full-time, permanent, non-faculty member of Kennesaw State University for a minimum of one (1) year prior to being nominated.  Nominations not selected for the period they were submitted in will be held and reconsidered for the next award period.  Any employee who has been awarded with a Star Staff of the Semester award is not eligible to receive it again for 3 years after being selected.

Any KSU employee – staff, administrator or faculty - can initiate a nomination. Nominations are submitted on a rolling basis online by completing a Microsoft Teams nominations form, accessible here. Nominations are anonymized by the chair or another member of the KSU Staff Senate Nominations & Elections Committee (who is not member of the Staff Development and Recognition Committee) before being reviewed by the members of the Staff Development and Recognition Committee of the KSU Staff Senate; in the event of a tie, the Staff Senate president is invited to vote/break it (SDRC  has 5 members, so we don’t anticipate to have a tie). The SDRC committee is comprised of staff senate members who have been elected to represent their unit in the KSU Staff Senate and have elected to serve on the committee.  In the event a member of the SDRC committee is nominated, that member is asked to recuse themselves from that season’s award vote and the Staff Senate President-Elect serves on the committee in their place.

Nominees should have demonstrated excellence in a combination of the following:

Service & Professionalism

  1. Excelled in identifying and reacting appropriately to the needs and expectations of the internal and external customers to ensure exceptional service.
  2. Anticipated needs and potential problems before they occurred and sought ways to continuously improve work outcomes, etc.
  3. Demonstrated a willingness to take on new and/or additional tasks
  4. Exhibited strong work qualities and ethics, such as dependability, patience, and commitment and embodies the USG and KSU values.


  1. Suggested and/or championed and/or contributed to creative solutions that have made a significant and positive difference in the quality of services, programming, work processes, effectiveness and efficiency, etc.
  2. Assisted proactively and wholeheartedly with implementation of strategies, services and programs that are in the best interests of the University and/or the students.


  1. Consistently offered support, assistance, and encouragement to co-workers, often without being asked to do so - -- sharing knowledge, learning, and building consensus.
  2. Served as role model to others through positive and productive relationships.
  3. Extended their self to help others with a high degree of excellence, professionalism and integrity in their work which contributed significantly to improve the overall environment and experience or work outcomes.
  4. Participated in collaborative problem-solving, breaking down boundaries and/or creating new relationships to improve the way work gets done


  1. Is a paragon of initiative, responsibility, accountability and/or resourcefulness
  2. Inspires trust by saying and doing what is right.
  3. Demonstrates and cultivates a sense of purpose, vision, and mission for their co-workers and/or staff
  4. Led transformational change for the benefit of peers and/or others and/or facilitated the success of others.
  5. Inspires and motivates others to take advantage of opportunities to enhance their own lives whether professionally or personally.
Nominate a KSU colleague as Star Staff of the Semester.