Staff Senate Committees

Staff Senate Officers - FY 2023-24

  • Position
  • President
    Andrew McCanless
  • President-Elect
    Robert Bridges
  • Secretary
    Jenna Scanling
  • Treasurer
    Mark Kirkley
  • Immediate Past President
    Jessica Redding

Standing Committees

  • Committee Duties

    Develop a yearly budget for the Staff Senate to be approved.


    Mark Kirkley (Chair)
    Melissa Lappe
    Lindsey Borsack
    Savannah Lockman
    Molly First


  • Committee Duties

    1. Coordinate and provide information to staff members concerning Staff Senate initiatives using available communications methods.
    2. Maintain Staff Senate web page and social media sites.
    3. Collaborate with Human Resources to provide information to new staff members.
    4. Develop and maintain the Staff Senate brochure(s).
    5. Maintain and coordinate Digital Signage material.
    6. Coordinate approval for the use of the Kennesaw State University logo on materials.


    Jacqueline Winters-Allen (Co-Chair)

    Hadley Cottingham (Co-Chair)

    Kelley Price

    Amonte Hampton

    Kyle Dawson

  • Committee Duties

    1. Electing Officers
        1. Prepares a list of officer candidates from Staff Senate Members in good standing and distributes the list to the Staff Senate Members.
        2. Collects the nominations from Staff Senate Members and presents nominations at the regular May meeting.
        3. Collects and tallies votes at the regular June meeting.
    2. Electing Members
        1. Ensures fair and equitable representation across applicable IPEDS groups.
        2. The committee Chair requests a report from Human Resources of all full-time classified staff members by IPEDS groups.
        3. The committee Chair prepares the Call for Nominations (an email that includes the directions to nominate from the appropriate attached IPEDS group report).
        4. The committee prepares the ballot of eligible nominees.
        5. Elections shall be by email or with the assistance of the UITS Department.
        6. The committee provides the results to the Staff Senate Chair, who communicates the results to the University President, campus, and newly elected Staff Senate Members.


    Andrew McCanless (Chair)

    Brittany Scott

    Donald Spencer

    Daniel Terry

    Timothy Murphy

  • Committee Duties

    1. Review, research, and inform Staff Senate on issues pending executive or legislative action that may affect all staff members.
    2. Address issues relative to collective staff concerns which may result in resolutions (outside of grievance issues, which are addressed by university policy).
    3. Provide an annual review of all University policies and procedures affecting staff including, but not limited to, benefits, parking, safety, staff development and training.
    4. Research issues and recommend actions concerning the health, welfare, and benefits of all staff members.


    Rob Bridges (Chair)

    Qing Qing Norris

    Sanjoosh Akkineni

    Cynthia Tatis

    Raquel Monterroso

    Caitlin O’Kelley

  • Committee Duties

    1. Select a Staff Member of the Month Award recipient from the nominees submitted for the current month.
    2. If no nominees are received for the current month, select a winner from the list of candidates received in the prior month(s).
    3. The committee Chair provides a list of winners from the year to the appropriate department for consideration of Employee of the Year award.
    4. Research and communicate educational and professional development opportunities to all staff members.


    Jenna Scanling (Chair)

    Janice Malone

    Aimee Kane

    Carla Budinsky

    Claire Rutte

  • Committee Duties

    1. Reviews the current Bylaws of the organization.
    2. Drafts amendments.
    3. Reviews and submits recommendations for proposed amendments to the Bylaws as directed by the Executive Committee.


    Jessica Redding (Chair)

    Susanne Rothery

    Monique Richardson

    James Stinchcomb

    Ryan Capps


External Committee Representatives

  • Committee
  • University Council
  • USG Staff Council
  • BOR Monthly Meetings
  • Committee on Committees
  • Faculty Senate
  • Student Government Association
  • Community Development Committee
  • Administrative Review Process Committee
  • Policy Process Council
  • KSU Staff Awards
    Recognition Committee
  • Campus Services
  • ITAC 
  • PT Faculty Council
  • Parking and Transportation
    Dee Rule