KSU/BOR Policies

  • Advocate for revision of new Staff Teaching Policy Fall 2019
  • Continue research on the KSU 15% cap policy for internal job opportunities or reclassifications.
  • Educate Staff Senate on HR Benefit Changes for 2017 & 2018.
  • Educate on Employee Handbook policy that refers to extra duties and compensation
  • Promote education of Administrators/Supervisors regarding mandatory time off in December.

The following resolution was approved in the February 2019 Staff Senate general meeting. Faculty Senate and Part-time Faculty Council then voted in support of it in their March 2019 general meetings.

Staff Teaching Resolution February 2019

State/Federal Policies

  • Educate Staff Senate on the new FLSA Law that goes into effect December 1, 2016 and its effect on KSU Staff and budgets.
  • Educate Staff Senate on the new Campus Carry Light Bill and policies and enforcement for KSU Campus.
  • Inform and Update Staff Senate on upcoming State and Federal legislation that effects staff.

Staff Development

  • Initiate a Staff Senate Mentorship Program within Staff Senate.
  • Develop and Initiate a Welcome Program for current and new staff to KSU Campus with a possible monthly lunch with Staff Senate.
Staff Senate Resolution April 2017